How Is Cellulite Formed?

How is cellulite formed?

Ideally only adult should be susceptible to cellulite, but these days teenager and adolescents are equally susceptible. Cellulites are formed when fat starts depositing in those areas of body which already have some amount of fat, like buttocks, thighs  etc. Many causes like poor elasticity of skin and poor supply of blood in the affected area cause cellulite. Female hormone estrogen is the major reason of cellulite deposit in women. Taking birth control pills also contribute a lot in formation of cellulite. Men also have cellulite but comparatively their percentage is very low.

Types of cellulite

There are mainly two types of cellulite. Hard cellulite and soft cellulite. Hard cellulite is usually found in active women like sportsperson, dancers etc. this kind of cellulite is attached very firmly to the muscles therefore very difficult to remove. Simply feeling this kind of cellulite will tell you how solid the fat is. Just opposite is soft cellulite. Try to feel it with you thumb and index finger and you will touch some soft lump inside the skin. This kind of cellulite is called soft cellulite.

Why conventional methods of treatment are are not effective

While there are several methods to reduce cellulite, most of them come with their own set of side effects? First of all you need to be wealthy enough to go for these expensive methods. Secondly there is no guarantee that cellulite will not start depositing again. Moreover the recovery period after the treatment is much longer. Natural process doesn’t have any recovery period.

Reducing cellulite the natural way

Gone are the days when liposuction or surgery was considered to be the only methods of cellulite reduction. Today you can not only have your cellulite removed non- surgically but also ensure a perfect shape after Cellulite treatment.  Thanks to constant research and hard work of those who have made it possible to reduce cellulite without any medical help.
The natural treatment of cellulite involves massage with topical creams that are made especially for cellulite reduction. The essence of this cellulite cream penetrates deep into the skin and attacks fat cells. Fat cell are then broken down collagen development is boosted. Once fat cells are melted and collagen in the affected area start growing the outer skin starts regaining its natural texture.

How long will the result last

It entirely depends upon you; if you can make it a routine to exercise regularly, cellulite will not form again. Also, if you keep using the natural cream it will not recur so quickly.